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 Judging Card

Some of the Region CDEs are scored using Judging Card.  More detailed results can be found there.  You'll need to find/sort by the event date to find Region IV data.   


 2016-2017 CDE Results

 TitleModified DateSize 
Meats (Team)2/16/20172.11 KBDownload
Milk Quality & Products11/21/2016UnknownDownload
Nursery Landscape4/7/2017UnknownDownload
Horse Evaluation11/30/201652.00 KBDownload
Livestock Evaluation4/10/201750.00 KBDownload
Meats (Individual)2/16/20174.02 KBDownload
Parliamentary Procedure 2/17/201749.50 KBDownload
Small Engines (Complete Report)11/21/201682.00 KBDownload
Small Engines (Team Summary)11/21/201656.00 KBDownload
Soils10/27/201651.50 KBDownload
Prepared Public Speaking12/23/201649.50 KBDownload
Small Animals4/10/2017UnknownDownload
Forestry (Team)4/7/201778.44 KBDownload
Creed Speaking12/23/201650.50 KBDownload
Dairy Evaluation10/27/201649.50 KBDownload
Ag Mech2/16/201750.50 KBDownload
Ag Mech (Complete Report)2/16/201786.00 KBDownload
Conduct of Chapter Meetings1/18/201750.00 KBDownload
Employment Skills1/20/201749.50 KBDownload
Fish & Wildlife (Complete Report)2/16/201737.98 KBDownload
Forestry (Complete Report)4/7/2017145.23 KBDownload
Extempereneous Speaking12/23/201649.50 KBDownload
Farm Management (Complete Report)4/7/201793.50 KBDownload
Farm Management (Team Summary)4/7/201751.50 KBDownload




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